Tuesday, October 21, 2008


here are some of the rules for contest.
1-no copying other cars.
2-make ur own car so it doesnt look like others
3-do not steal other ppls stuff (unless downloadable :P)
4-u most start the car in the dates n finish it in time.
5-u are aloud to change the front clip only!
6-it must have the entire back end from doors to back
7-it also must have FC interior
8-no stealing parts other contestants made
9-have fun doing it!

here are the people in the contest!
1-Gripello (grip)
2-supralov3r (supra)
3-steve (steve)
4-ryo200 (ryo)
5-adubz (adubz)
6-sdrifter (sdrifter)
7-gred (gred)
8-trent (trent)
9-fujioshi (fuji)
10-tom2 (tom)
11-shadow (shadow)

what the winner gets!
1-a choice of 1 of my cars (any he wants,except the rx7 FD sorry)
2-or I convert a car for the winner.
(dont forget the glory of beating others :P)

Dates n other ppl coming soon!
new thing!!... u can start working now on the FC!
but u must stop when i say the date limit
i will post before it ends so u all know when to stop