Thursday, June 18, 2009

Projects to come

Hey just gona post some projects soon to come for my 180sx
so here we go for the list lol :P
-full complete 4 piece body kit from
-repaint entire car with body kit
-remove little spoiler lol
-garret gt28 turbine
-front mount intercooler (with BOV)
-3" turbo back exhaust system
-manifold system
-boost it to 17-19psi
-tein suspension dropped 1,5"
-rims (not sure which yet) with 225 tires all around (falken hopefully)
-radiator with fans
this should bring me to about 350-400hp
which should be about low 13s or high 12s on the 1/4 mile
of course there's more things to do but simple little things not worth mentioning
My 180sx is going to be and is a daily drive car which is why im not putting roll cage
or more hp then like 400hp or any other things for racing or such since
i dont want to kill myself just enjoy myself
and with my 220hp already, im fine but 370hp would be good for me
while daily driving it.


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